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Materials, Finish, &, Glass
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Swinging Doors

Deck Swinging French Door

The Weiland French door is built with the same sash profile as our liftslide and Beefy Bifold doors. It is available in all aluminum, aluminum with a wood cladding on the interior, or all wood. The French door comes in heights up to 13-1/2 feet and widths to 42″, and can be a great compliment to nearby liftslides or folding doors.

Swinging door configuration

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Hardware and Handles

The hardware we use is engineered for dependability, durability, and smooth operation. Weiland works closely with European vendors, some with over 100 years of history, to provide the best components available. Backed by rigorous testing and experience with custom applications, our hardware choices give Weiland doors and windows the feel of luxury and effortless operation.

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Milan Handles

Milan Metallic Dark Bronze Handle

Metallic Dark Bronze Milan

Milan Black Handle

Black Milan

Milan Bright White Handle

Bright White Milan

Milan Satin Nickel Handle

Satin Nickel Milan

Milan Rustic Umber Handle

Rustic Umber Milan

Milan Bright Brass Handle

Bright Brass Milan

Verona Handles

Verona Brushed Chrome Handle

Brushed Chrome Verona

Verona Brass Handle

Brass Verona

Verona Matte Black Handle

Matte Black Verona

Verona Oil Rubbed Bronze Handle

Oil Rubbed Bronze Verona

Materials, Finish, &, Glass

Material options

Aluminum & Wood

Our aluminum wood swinging door has a maximum panel height of 13', and has a maximum panel width of 42" with a single bottom rail. The sash dimensions are 3-1/2" wide with a thickness of 3-3/16", and has a bottom rail that is 3-1/2" wide.

All Aluminum

Our aluminum wood swinging door has a maximum panel height of 13', and has a maximum panel width of 42" with a single bottom rail. The sash dimensions are 3-1/2" wide with a thickness of 3-3/16", and has a bottom rail that is 3-1/2" wide.

All Wood

Our all wood swinging door has a maximum panel height of 12', and has a maximum panel width of 42" with a single bottom rail. The sash dimensions are 3-5/8" wide with a thickness of 2-5/8" (or 3-3/16" if panels are between 10-12'), and has a bottom rail that is 3-5/8" wide.

Finish and Color Matching

Aluminum Finish

Weiland offers high quality Kynar 500® as its standard exterior finish. Kynar 500® provides outstanding color retention and weather resistance due to a time tested formulation containing a high percentage of resin, meeting AAMA 2605-05 performance requirements. Powder coating and anodizing are also available (anodizing will add approximately two weeks to lead times).

Finest Wood

Weiland uses the highest quality wood species available on the market, enabling our clients to match any custom wood cabinetry. Mahogany, douglas fir, walnut, cherry, alder and many other wood types are often used. For special projects, customers can also choose any available wood species.

Color Matching

Choose from our selection of 50 exterior colors or let us custom match a color for you. We’ll match any clad colors of window manufacturers. For custom color matching just send us a color sample (some custom or metallic colors may cost more or have longer lead times).

Glass Choices

Specialty Glass

Glass plays an important role in the beauty and performance of a door or window. We rigorously inspect our glass to ensure that every piece matches our quality expectations. Any glass available up to 1-1/2″ thick can be ordered to match most other glass types available and meet necessary energy requirements.

Countless Options

Options include insulated units with tempered glass and various coatings to optimize energy efficiency including laminated, tinted, and other options. Low E3 and other available coatings greatly reduce heat transfer through glass and also help minimize fading of furniture and carpets that can be caused by harmful UV rays. Divided lites and lock rails are also available. The choice for no glass is offered if the client chooses to use a unique glass or would like to have the glazing done on-site by others.

High Performance

Because Weiland systems are used in extreme environments, including harsh desert heat and frigid cold ski resorts, we work with an array of glass suppliers and manufacturers to offer the highest performance glass.


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Swinging Door Installers

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Note: There may be other qualified contractors in your area. Weiland is pleased to assist in locating an installer. However, installers are neither agents nor employees of Weiland Sliding Doors and Windows

Rowe Construction

  • Located: Carlsbad, CA
  • Our Contact: Brian Rowe
  • Serving: United States, Hawaii
  • Phone: 760.434.0377
  • Fax: 760.434.5106

Ultimate Installz, Inc.

  • Located: Huntington Beach, CA
  • Contact: Jayson Cruz
  • Serving: United States, Hawaii, International
  • Phone: 949.679.4817

Vella Glass Inc.

  • Located: Rohnert Park, CA
  • Phone: 415.259.4111
  • Fax: 707.676.8662
  • Website: vellaglass.com

Werhanowicz Window

  • Located: Temecula, CA
  • Our Contact: Mike Werhanowicz
  • Serving: United States, Hawaii
  • Phone: 951.741.2128

Island Image Contracting, LLC

  • Located: Kahului, HI 96732
  • Our Contact: Dean Martin
  • Phone: 808.757.4084
  • Fax: 808.214.9142
  • Email: iic@hawaii.rr.com

J.B. Services

  • Located: Cle Elum, WA
  • Our Contact: John Bergland, Owner
  • Serving: Washington, Idaho
  • Phone: 509.857.2063
  • Fax: 509.857.2063

Goldwal Construction Inc.

  • Located: Vancouver, WA
  • Our Contact: Ed Walter & Jay Golden, Owners
  • Serving: Washington, Oregon
  • Phone: 360.699.1227
  • Fax: 360.699.5227
  • Website: www.goldwal.com

Chelsea Enterprises

  • Located: 165 Brunswick Street Rochester, NY 14607
  • Our Contact: Michael Barto
  • Phone: 585.729.3375
  • Email: bartomab@yahoo.com

Morse Sash & Door

  • Located: Rochester, NY
  • Our Contact: Pat Clancy
  • Phone: 585.475.1010
  • Email: patc@morselbr.com

NSW Installations

  • Located: Ronkonkoma, NY
  • Our Contacts: Frank Wiegand, Jon Boehringer
  • Serving: New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, East Coast
  • Phone: 516.356.1361
  • Phone2: 631.332.2986

Mesa Woodworking

  • Located: North Carolina
  • Our Contact: Warren Morris
  • Serving: Eastern United States
  • Phone: 828.553.6904
  • Fax: 828.693.6610

Matera Builders Inc.

  • Located: Ocean City, NJ
  • Our Contact: Bob Matera
  • Serving: New Jersey
  • Phone: 609.391.0429 ex 102

Under Construction Builders, LLC

  • Located: 88 South Lakeview Drive
  • Gibbsboro, NJ 08026
  • Our Contact: Rob Bennett
  • Phone: 856.354.0831
  • Cell: 609.820.1365
  • Email: rbennett@ucbuildersnj.com

Ring’s End

  • Located: Clinton, CT
  • Our Contact: Andrew Fowler
  • Serving: New England, New York
  • Phone: 203.671.9122

ABWD-Alan-Bradley Windows & Doors, Inc.

  • Located: Colorado & British Virgin Islands
  • Our Contact: Brad Wright
  • Serving: United States
  • Phone: 970.481.3394
  • Phone2: 970.524.2203

Sunwest Construction Specialties

  • Located: Santa Fe, NM
  • Our Contact: Ra Patterson
  • Serving: New Mexico +500 mile radius
  • Phone: 505.438.7199

Vance Home Installations

  • Located: Cypress, TX
  • Our Contact: Cathy Vance, Owner
  • Serving: United States, Hawaii
  • Phone: 281.373.4800
  • Fax: 713.896.4525

Premiere Window & Door

  • Located: Flower Mound, TX
  • Our Contact: Steve Woollums
  • Serving: United States, Texas +500 mile radius
  • Phone: 214.952.8823