Liftslide Quote Form

Request a quote from our sales department by filling out the form below. We'll make every effort to e-mail you a PDF quote within 3-4 working days. See ‘Sales Order Process’ for more details about the ordering process. Quotes will be sent to a local dealer. (Sales Order Process Attached)

1. Tell us about yourself

2. Tell us about your project

3. Product Description

What are the dimensions of the rough opening? (W x H inches)

O = Fixed Panel   X = Operable Panel   P = Pocket

Example: OX-XO means fixed panels on the outside and two operable panels meet at center, as viewed from the exterior. PX means a single panel that slides into a pocket. Tip: Consider using fewer, larger door panels for a more dramatic opening?

4. Product Details

Curved liftslide door radius dimensions diagram

For curved doors, we need a minimum of 2 of the 3 variables: radius of the unit, radius length of the unit and the straight width of the unit.

What manufacturer's color are we matching? e.g Andersen black (Metallic or 3 coat colors (upcharge))

5. Hardware

6. Screens

No screens for curved systems.

7. Testing

No testing for curved systems.

Charges may apply if glass assembly is not listed on NFRC website (

8. Glass

9. Finalize & Submit

For each additional unit with same specs, please include rough opening size, door configuration (e.g. PX-XP, OXX, straight, curved, etc.), and quantity. Furthermore, is there anything else you would like to let us know?

Note: in order to attach multiple files, hold down the ctrl key and click on all the files you want to attach.