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1. Tell us about yourself

2. Tell us about your project

3. Product Description

What are the dimensions of the rough opening? (W x H inches)

O = Fixed Panel   X = Operable Panel   P = Pocket

Example: OX-XO means fixed panels on the outside and two operable panels meet at center, as viewed from the exterior. PX means a single panel that slides into a pocket. Tip: Consider using fewer, larger door panels for a more dramatic opening?

4. Product Details

Curved liftslide door radius dimensions diagram

For curved doors, we need 2 of the 3 following variables: radius of the interior arc, length of the arc, and width of the arc (rough opening).

What color is the aluminum? (Metallic or 3 coat colors (premium))

5. Hardware

6. Screens

No screens for curved systems.

7. Testing

Charges may apply if glass assembly is not listed on NFRC website (

8. Glass

9. Add Additional Liftslide Units

For each additional unit with same specs, please include rough opening size, door configuration (e.g. PX-XP, OXX, straight, curved, etc.), and quantity.

10. Finalize & Submit

Is there anything else you would like to let us know?

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