Large Corner Unit Liftslide door in Forest

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How long does it take to receive a color match?

Many of our most common colors have been pre-matched – please ask for our current list of pre-matched colors. Non pre-matched colors can take up to 15 business days to process. Please provide your color samples for matching purposes as early in the process as possible to avoid delays.

Does the Beefy Bi-fold door require special knowledge to operate?

The Beefy Bi-fold is a versatile system that requires a quick training to ensure smooth operation.

Will my door panels stack flush?

Yes, flush stacking panels are possible in certain configurations. Other designs, panel sizes, and handle options will require larger offsets. Weilands definition of “flush” is the minimum offset distance required to decelerate the door during normal use.

What colors do you offer?

Weiland can match any color to our standard 2 coat Kynar matte finish. Powder coat, mica, metallic, textured, 3 coat, semi gloss, exotic colors and reds are available for an up charge.

Can I have internal muntin/shadow bars inside my insulated glass?

Yes, Weiland’s large doors and windows are typically focused on one of your most important assets, a beautiful view. And while other door and window openings in the home may include divided lites, most Weiland customers chose to omit them from their larger openings to avoid distracting from the view. However, we do offer divided lites and there are some important considerations when ordering your glass with internal shadow bars. Because insulated glass panels expand and contract with changes in pressure and temperature, shadow bars are slightly smaller than the glass spacer to minimize potential for these dividers to contact the glass surfaces. Glass manufacturers do not consider the possible “rattling” a defect covered by warranty. Some glass make-ups can be ordered with soft urethane plastic bumpers to improve separation between the bars and the glass and may help minimize rattling. These glass options can be discussed with our sales department to be certain the glass ordered for your project has bumpers available. If glass is tempered or heat strengthened, deflection, or glass bowing may occur, such bowing, may be significant and is not considered a defect. Use of internal shadow bars may magnify the appearance of any deflection.

Does tempered glass bow more than non-tempered glass?

Yes, Windows constructed with tempered glass may have a permanent bow due to the tempering process. Bowing of the glass from tempering can be significant, with as much as a 1/16th of an inch per foot of glass. The bowing will remain regardless of whether the unit has pressure equalized. There is no current solution for this problem and the homeowner should be aware that the windows with internal bars (shadow, muntin) and tempered glass could have an objectionable gap, which is not considered a defect, between the bars and glass.

How do I properly close the capillary tubes?

  1. Cut tube within 1⁄2” from end with wire cutters.Cutting the tube actually closes the end.
  2. Apply a dab of silicone sealant at the end of the capillary tube after it has been cut.
  3. The IG unit must always be installed with the capillary tube pointing down along a vertical edge.

Important Notes

  1. Do not push or pull the capillary tube as this will loosen it, creating a path for moisture to enter the IG unit.
  2. Allow units to equalize pressure by resting in a vertical position at the jobsite elevation for a minimum of 72 hours or until the lites are essentially flat.
  3. Closing the tubes over a wide range of temperatures, or during extreme low or high temperatures may result in IG units having varying degrees of flatness.
  4. Failure to follow these instructions will void the IG warranty.

What type of wood do you offer?

Any available wood species. Our standard woods are mahogany and Doug fir. We build with cherry, alder, incense cedar, walnut and other exotic hardwoods.

Are screens available?

Yes. Screens are available for the lift slide door systems, in wood or aluminum. Radius screen doors have additional bars to keep the screen in place.

What handle colors and types do you offer?

For handle options, go to the product page for the door you are interested in and scroll to the hardware and handles section

Do you have oil-rubbed bronze handles?

For handle options, go to the product page for the door you are interested in and scroll to the hardware and handles section

What are the pros and cons of removable handles and permanent handles?

The option of using a removable handle is usually considered when buying a pocketing door system. Using removable handles will allow a narrower sized pocket. If all the panels have removable handles and there are no other obstructions, the pocketing door system can be opened into a flush position when pushed into the pocket.

How wide is the pocket?

This measurement will vary depending on how many panels are in the system. Let our sales personnel know the door configuration and number of panels and they can calculate the pocket width for you.

Can you have removable handles on a pocketing door?

Yes, most people prefer this option due to the larger pocket size required to accommodate the permanent handles.

What will it cost to ship my doors and/or windows?

During the quoting process Weiland will attempt to give the best estimate possible for shipping charges. If during delivery coordination it is determined that the jobsite has “special” circumstances, for example, low hanging trees, steep slopes or driveways, or sharp corners, there may be additional charges incurred to accommodate special truck requirements or long wait times unloading delivery vehicles.

What parts are included with a Weiland door system?

Tracks, panels, jambs, hardware, door handles, and touch up paint.

What’s not included with a Weiland door system?

Installation screws, shims, shim wood, stain/paint for wood, removable pocket trim, casing, drain pan.

Where / how are the transverse drains routed on the jobsite?

The transverse drain is a feature of our flush track for the liftslide door systems. It is positioned at a 90’ angle between the parallel tracks. A drainage tube is connected to each drain so that it can be routed through the concrete slab to the outside of the building.

How wide is the head track?

This measurement will vary depending on how many panels are in the system. Our sales personnel can calculate this width for you.

How wide is the side jamb?

The primary jamb will be 3 -9/16” and can increase in width depending upon the number of panels and configuration.

Are both side jambs of a liftslide door system equal in size?

This measurement will vary based on the number of panels included in your unit and also determined by the configuration of the panels.

Are the head tracks on Weiland liftslides staggered?

Yes, whenever the door system has more than two panels the head track is staggered.

Are the bottom tracks on Weiland liftslide staggered?

Yes, they mirror the staggered head track.

How do liftslide doors lock?

Rotate the handle up over the glass to a locked position. This sits the door down onto the floor and secures the door panel to the jamb with the multi-point locking system. Door must be in locked position to be water resistant.

If the removable handle is out of the door, what do you hold on to when sliding the door?

The handles unlock and release the door. Grasp and hold the panel itself in order to slide the door.

Will Weiland make custom sized stiles and rails?

While the dimensions of each stile and rail are static and a part of each door product design, please discuss any specific design ideas with our sales personnel.

Are Weiland products tested and/or certified for water penetration, air infiltration, thermal integrity, structural load deflection, and forced entry resistance?

Every Weiland door system is custom designed, built and tested for each customer. The almost infinite number of sizes and configurations makes certain testing prohibitive. Please contact your sales representative for more specific information.