Blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors with our Sliding, Pivot and Folding doors. For over 30 years Weiland has provided seamless transitions and outstanding performance. Discover stunning ways to maximize your opening with our robust panel and frame designs paired with our smooth, effortless operation. Everything we manufacture is custom built using the highest quality material and a keen craftsmanship, so the freedom to design is in your hands.

Weiland Products

The Liftslide Door & Windows

Large Custom Sliding Doors Big Opening Rancho Santa Fe California Home

Liftslide doors are large sliding glass walls that can be built in straight, corner, or curved configurations

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Folding Doors & Windows

Folding Door Image

The Beefy Bifold is a different breed entirely. It’s designed for huge openings, and its heavy duty profile matches the rest of our sliding doors systems.

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Pivot Doors & Windows

Pivot Door

Weiland pivot doors can be used in a variety of ways and are often seen in dramatic entrances.

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French & Swinging Doors & Windows

Single swinging door

Weiland swinging doors and french doors complement nearby liftslide or folding doors.

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Videos of our products

Below you can find videos providing a little more info on our products.

Andersen Big Doors

This clip provides background info on our products.

Weiland Liftslide

This clip showcases our patented Liftslide door.

Park Lane Project

This clip showcases some Weiland Liftslide doors in Park Lane - Ala Moana, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Dog Opens A Liftslide

This clip also demonstrates how easy it is to open a 300lb liftslide door.

We've been working with award-winning architects since 1984.

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Weiland Craftsman at Work

Design & Craftsmanship

All of our products are built and tested in California. Exceptional craftsmanship and design is crucial to a successful project. That’s why we go to great lengths to build exceptional sliding glass wall systems.