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February 2011
Issue 01
Builder Interview

In this month's newsletter we asked Paul Spadone of Streamline Development about his meticulous beach-front LEED project in La Jolla, California. Architecture is by John Rumsey at MPA Architects, and interior design is by Kristi Watts at KW Designs.

Bird Rock, La Jolla
Paul, what is your background and how has it influenced you?
At age 16 I began restoring classic wood hull racing yachts. The craftsmen that I was surrounded by knew their trade and were enthusiastic about design and function. You had to pay attention to the details, so it dovetailed nicely for me with building high-end custom beach homes. Boats and beach homes have small footprints, so you have to be very clever with your space design and layout.
Bird Rock, La Jolla
What aspects of your work do you enjoy most?
I enjoy listening to the clients' desires and lifestyles, and figuring out how to translate them into the building and design of their homes. I also enjoy surrounding myself with a talented and passionate team of craftsmen who approach each home as though it were their own.

How does region influence your work?
I live by the ocean and grew up sailing in racing competitions and surfing. Most of our clients enjoy the ocean as well and want their homes to bring the wide-open element of the beach into their home. Every home we are now building or remodeling wants wide-open door systems and we always recommend Weiland pocketing doors for the dramatic effect they achieve and also the durability, reliability and weatherproofing they provide against occasional ocean storms.
Bird Rock, La Jolla
What were some of the challenges in designing the residence?
The design is ultra modern and minimalist so there was zero tolerance for error in how the lines needed to be executed. All the transitions in the home needed to be seamless. The only door system that we found that could achieve this to 3/16" was the Weiland liftslide.
Bird Rock, La Jolla
What significance do large openings have in this project?
When you walk into the front door you can see all the way through the house, out into the courtyard, and to the infinity pool and shear descent waterfall. When guests arrive on the second floor, they're treated to an amazing reveal of a 20' opening from the kitchen all the way through the living room, out onto the deck, and to the ocean beyond. Guests can walk through another opening up to the rooftop deck, with views from Point Loma to Oceanside. While building, we enjoyed some of the most amazing sunsets through the Weiland doors, and our client always has them wide open when I come over to share a sunset cocktail.
Special Features
Flush Track
16' Tall Liftslides
Hurricane Ratings
13-1/2' Tall Bifolds
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