Track Details

The ability to create expansive sliding door openings with performance rated flush tracks require that certain flooring tolerances be met. To accomplish this we designed our flush drainage tracks with a built-in marker to make sure the smooth surfaced finished floor (including grout lines and flooring in pockets) is installed at exactly 3/16″ below the top and along the entire length of the track.

Weiland has developed two tested flush track systems, including the patented full drainage track shown below. To achieve these results and enjoy a performance rated flush track, it is critical the finished floor is installed properly. If you are not sure what kind of floor you’ll be using, special consideration should be given to the full drainage track that was tested to hurricane standards.

flush track

Standard Flush Track with Transverse Drains

The Weiland standard flush track was tested as part of a five panel pocketing, 16′ tall liftslide system and certified under AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/1.S.2/A440 testing protocol for operating force, air leakage resistance, water penetration resistance, uniform load deflection, uniform load structural, and forced entry resistance.

Flush Track Detail

Full Drainage Track with Transverse Drains

Patent #’s US 6,792,651 and US 7,007,343
Like the test above, Weiland also tested a 10′ – 8″ tall four panel pocketing liftslide system that met current Miami-Dade County hurricane requirements using Weiland’s patented full drainage track. Miami-Dade Notice Of Acceptance.
The flooring used in both test systems was a smooth surface at exactly 3/16″ below the top of the track, extending into the pockets.

Flush Track Drainage Manifold


Interior Drainage Manifold Run To Sump Pump (for extreme cold climates)