Weiland Liftslide Features Door Design

Huge Views

Aluminum wood doors have AAMA ratings up to 16′ tall with hurricane ratings up to 10-1/2′ tall. When architectural designs dictate a more contemporary look, an all aluminum sash 3-1/4″ thick and 3-1/2″ wide is also available.

Door Design

The aluminum wood door design is a robust aluminum sash with wood interior cladding. The 3-3/16″ thick profile includes a 1/2″ wood cladding attached to the aluminum profile by a patented fastening system that connects them structurally, but separates them physically and thermally. The result is a durable, low maintenance exterior sash combined with the beauty and character of wood on the inside.

Weiland Liftslide Features Door Design

All Aluminum & Aluminum Wood

Our aluminum Liftslide is stronger and more stable than a standard wood lift and slide door, with or without cladding, especially for larger panel sizes.

All Wood

The Weiland all wood Liftslide is like a beautiful piece of furniture. Designed with a laminated sash thickness of 2-5/8″, the face measurement can be customized. Our all wood lift and slides are available up to 12′ tall.