Weiland Folding Doors Jamb

Door Jamb

Our bifold door jambs are narrow and low profile, so you can give your project a cleaner and more custom look.

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Weiland Folding Doors Hardware

European Hardware

Many of our hardware components come from European vendors, some with over 100 years of history in the business. With this kind of experience its no wonder our doors are so dependable, secure, and easy to operate.

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weiland materials

Materials & Finish

Weiland has a meticulous process of researching, scrutinizing, and selecting the very best materials and finishes in order to build the best performing and best looking doors.

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Weiland Folding Doors Glass


We can use any glass you specify. With so much freedom of choice, having a beautifully enhanced view and meeting energy requirements becomes much easier.

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Weiland Folding Doors Flexibility

Design Flexibility

With an almost limitless number of configurations and countless design options, Weiland folding doors maximize the potential of your opening.

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