Yes, Weiland’s large doors and windows are typically focused on one of your most important assets, a beautiful view. And while other door and window openings in the home may include divided lites, most Weiland customers chose to omit them from their larger openings to avoid distracting from the view.

However, we do offer divided lites and there are some important considerations when ordering your glass with internal shadow bars. Because insulated glass panels expand and contract with changes in pressure and temperature, shadow bars are slightly smaller than the glass spacer to minimize potential for these dividers to contact the glass surfaces. Glass manufacturers do not consider the possible “rattling” a defect covered by warranty.

Some glass make-ups can be ordered with soft urethane plastic bumpers to improve separation between the bars and the glass and may help minimize rattling. These glass options can be discussed with our sales department to be certain the glass ordered for your project has bumpers available. If glass is tempered or heat strengthened, deflection, or glass bowing may occur, such bowing, may be significant and is not considered a defect. Use of internal shadow bars may magnify the appearance of any deflection.

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